by Mary Jo Bennett

When Autumn Comes

creating compassionate care for the dying

Ultimately we will all lose someone we love...

When Autumn Comes will help you appreciate and respond to the important needs and delicate issues of our final passage through life. With wisdom and sensitivity, it gives practical keys for creating a holistic, comforting environment for those nearing the end of life so they can face death with peace and dignity.

The author shares her intimate relationship with death in the loss of her lover and close friends and in her many years of experience at the bedside of the dying as a hospice volunteer. Her moving journey through grief, tears and companionship shows how we can find greater compassion and understanding in caring both for the dying and for ourselves in our time of loss.

Read excerpts from the book:
Chapter 1
This compelling and candid look at life's final passage explores a broad range of critical issues:

  • Allowing the patient to die on their own terms
  • How active listening can be a tremendous gift to the dying
  • How to create a holistic, comforting environment for those nearing the end of life
  • The role of caregivers and hospice volunteers
  • How does the reader overcome his or her fear in approaching someone who is dying?
  • How do our beliefs and attitudes support or hinder our ability to understand and serve the unique needs of the patient?
  • How to meet the needs of the dying, not our own
  • How to learn lessons about living from those who are dying
  • Dealing with family dynamics
  • Respecting individual coping mechanisms
  • How to seek support for grief and stress
  • In-home care of relatives
  • Drawing healthy boundaries
  • Simple but effective ways to bring consolation and comfort
  • Encouraging the dying to share their memories and bring closure
  • Misconceptions about treating pain
  • After-death care

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