"When Autumn Comes is a glimpse into both the range and depth of experience possible when attending the dying, as a loved one or as a hospice volunteer. Ms. Bennett's naked accounts of the tender beauty of the experiences, as well as the inherent pain, are illuminating and inspiring. All new hospice volunteers, and most of us facing the death of a loved, would benefit from the opportunity of seeing death through the eyes of one with the heart and integrity of Ms Bennett."

Margaret Brownlie

"When Autumn Comes is filled with lessons we all need to learn. Read it and you will find yourself able to listen to others, face your fears and learn about life from the wisdom of others and from the great teacher, death."

Bernie Siegel, M.D.
author of
365 Prescriptions for the Soul and Help Me to Heal


"When Autumn Comes was a very helpful mentor. Its unique perspective, as written from the experience of a volunteer, aided my own approach to hospice care. The author's detailed accounts included a volunteer's dealings with not only the patients, but also the doctors and other professionals involved with hospice."

Rabia Bellante

"When Autumn Comes provides valuable insight into the profoundly compassionate work of a hospice volunteer. Bennett's heartfelt stories of companionship with the dying will touch and inspire all who open their hearts to her message."

Cheryl MacDonald,
Compassionate Care Coordinator for Faith Community

"The stories Ms. Bennet tells have the power to penetrate deeply into relationship spaces most of us are unwilling to go without a guide. She has learned the sacred art of listening, and challenges me to ask this burning question question everywhere I go these days, "How can I help?"

Doris W. Davis

"I found this book very helpful at the time my father was passing on. I think more than anything it helped me to recognize my own agenda vs.. my father's real needs and state of mind. This book helped me to not be so afraid of death and instead to support my father and actually encourage him in this process by my mindful presence. I will never forget this rich experience of being at his side until the moment when he took his final breath. It was an honor, a joy and a privilege and I am so grateful to have had this guidebook for support. "

Mary Anne Allen

"I have been an RN for over 30 years and a hospice nurse for 14 years.  As I read When Autumn Comes I discovered how Mary Jo Bennett brings her gift of listening with her whole heart to each encounter with those approaching death.  It is clear that she offers a caring and quiet spirit to her patients and shows how we can also."

Patricia Newby, RN, BSN, CHPN

"When Autumn Comes is an insightful and tender book that will be of value to anyone who spends time with people who are dying." 

Les Morgan, President, Growth House, Inc.

"I was pleasantly surprised and enlightened by reading this informative book on hospice care.  Very well done, with an interesting personal touch."

Virginia Wood



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